October 14, 2022

What’s in our Best-Selling IV Drip – The Cowboy?

Hello Hydration

Feeling run down without explanation? Can’t seem to make progress with coffee, supplements, or meditation? The Cowboy IV drip might be just what you need for an energy boost. It also happens to be one of Hello Hydration’s best-selling IV drips for any biohackers who are looking to take their health & wellness regimen to the next level. There is a reason why so many people love it! It’s full speed ahead with this drip that contains one liter of IV fluid, High Dose Vitamin C (25 Grams), B Vitamins, Taurine, Zinc, and Alpha Lipoic Acid to help boost immunity, improve mood, strengthen muscles + more!



Intravenous therapy delivers nutrients directly to your bloodstream (which is quicker than other methods) so you will begin to feel your body healing before the treatment is even over! The Cowboy combines different vitamins and minerals to help optimize your health and wellness.

If you are looking for a way to take your health and performance to the next level, The Cowboy is right for you. This IV drip includes a unique combination of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. If this doesn’t get your motor running, we don’t know what will. The ingredients that set The Cowboy apart from other drips are:

  • High Dose Vitamin C (immune support)
  • High Dose Glutathione (antioxidant)
  • B Vitamins (energy)
  • FastVitamin IV (combination of 19 vitamins, minerals & amino acids)

On top of its impressive ingredients list, you can add additional additives to this (or any drip) at your next appointment. Not sure what to add in? Talk to any of our team members about what you are hoping to accomplish, and we’ll work with you to meet your needs and optimize your health. We’re happy to answer your questions and talk through the overall benefits of any of our options with you.



improve your circulation with the cowboy iv

Vitamin B has been shown to help with the improvement in heart health and circulation–specifically vitamin B12, which has been the most beneficial for circulation. Most people think about Vitamin C when they feel a cold coming on, or feel “under the weather”.  A lesser known fact about Vitamin C, is that it can also help prevent bulging veins from getting larger. As a result of its antioxidant properties and ability to reduce inflammation, it can protect the lining of blood vessels and help arterial health. This reduces the possibility of “spider veins” or varicose veins becoming visible because it helps vessels stay healthy by keeping them strong and elastic. 



recover faster with the cowboy iv

Several aspects of the body’s metabolic process are enhanced by taurine’s antioxidant properties. Taurine is actually a supplement found in metal, fish, and dairy products that can improve athletic performance (that’s why you see it sometimes in energy drinks). Among its many benefits is that it relieves pain and inflammation–which can come in handy after a tough workout–and it can also be effective at relieving painful headaches too (not a bad side effect if you ask me).

The FastVitamin Push  is an effective combination of vitamins and minerals that help your body receive the boost of energy that it craves. It is available as an add on for any treatment to assist you in getting back to your best. Its innovative technology combines 19 vitamins, minerals and amino acids and is absorbed in around 60 seconds. Is it safe to take so many vitamins and minerals at once? Yes. The FastVitaminIV Push was developed by a physician who leads the way in holistic medicine with health, wellness and anti-aging protocols. The combination can assist with a variety of things including graceful aging, hangovers, migraines, increasing metabolism, reducing workout recovery time, and increasing fitness levels by providing hydration at the cellular level. 

Some of the reported benefits include: 

  • Elevated Concentration & Focus
  • Expedited Recovery from Exercise
  • Better Sleep Quality



improve skin with cowboy iv

If you are looking for a way to take your skin to the next level, The Cowboy can provide some amazing benefits to your skin. Zinc holds anti-inflammatory properties and can improve conditions like acne, eczema and more, along with accelerating the healing process of wounds. Alpha Lipoic Acid is known to be an antioxidant and helps eliminate unwanted toxins. Apart from being an antioxidant, research has shown that it can also help control sugar levels and improve cholesterol. 



“I was really nervous going into my IV service, needles always scare me but Nick did a fantastic job walking me through the experience and easing my fears leading up to it! I received the Cowboy package and I woke up the next day before my alarm went off and felt like the sun was shining brighter and truly just felt in a great mood, well rested and energized! I would definitely say if you have a trip, an important meeting, or just want to feel great to book your IV service for the day before – I felt AMAZING the day after my hydration service!”
Alyssa Thomas – Google Reviews – 5 Stars


“Nick is very informative and very professional. Nick came to my house for the cowboy IV drip. After a few sleepless nights with a baby, the IV had me feeling like myself once again. Highly recommend it.”
Jessica Pineda – Google Reviews – 5 Stars


If you are looking for a way to boost your overall health and wellness then this IV drip is for you. Its powerful ingredients help supplement your body with the nutrients that it needs to help you feel amazing. 

Let us know about your experience with The Cowboy IV drip in the comments! 


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