April 25, 2022

Self Care Starts with Skincare

Hello Hydration

“Take good care of your skin and hydrate. If you have good skin, everything else will fall into place.”  – Liya Kebede.

If you’re dedicated to your ongoing checklist of skincare routines before bed, you can agree that skipping not only puts a damper on your night but your self-care routine as a whole. What we often forget is that our morning and nighttime routines don’t always have to look like applying heavy moisturizers, serums, or cleansers, and they don’t always have to take place first thing in the morning or right before you slip into your bed at night….it can also be incorporated throughout the day in what we drink and eat, and what we put into our bodies.   “Look good, feel good” has never been more true. Not only does hydrating help provide you with a variety of benefits internally, but quenching your body’s thirst with the necessary vitamins and nutrients has a significant impact on your overall appearance and is vital for maintaining a happy and healthy body!  According to a study from the National Library of Medicine, water is the main component of cells and tissues and represents approximately 45-75% of a person’s body weight. This study proves there is a direct correlation between the consumption of water and better skin performance.  We all know how important water consumption is when you’re feeling under the weather, or in the middle of an intense cardio workout…but let’s talk about why we should keep hydration a constant when it comes to our overall appearance… dive into it with us!

Healthy and Hydrated Skin – Benefits of Hydrating Skin

When you hydrate, your skin thanks you. By making hydration a priority in your physical health, you are also: 

  • Preventing Acne: Consuming water balances the oil and water content within your skin, and leads to fewer clogged pores and acne. 
  • Improving Skin Tone: By consuming ample amounts of water, you are flushing the toxins out of your skin and body. Drinking water plays a role in increasing blood flow which helps promote an even tone.
  • Combating Oiliness: Proper hydration helps normalize and balance your skin’s oils 
  • Improving Elasticity: Proper hydration prevents the skin from irritations and blemishes, and even the appearance of wrinkles.

Top Foods That Keep Your Skin Hydrated 

healthy food for healthy skin You can eat your water too! Did you know…there are a variety of water-rich foods that keep your body healthy and hydrated? By adding foods high in water to your diet, you are expanding your hydration sources and decreasing the chance of fatigue, headaches, and overall dehydration. Say goodbye to dehydration and hello to hydration with these water-rich foods: 

  • Blueberries: Made of more than 85% water and are high in antioxidants
  • Watermelon: We all know this is a bit obvious because of the name, but watermelon is really high in water content (92%)! It’s  a low-calorie food and has a variety of health benefits 
  • Cucumbers: Contain about 95% water and nutrients including potassium and magnesium. 
  • Oranges: Contain about 88% water content and provide nutrients including Vitamin C and potassium to boost your immune system

We’ve probably all heard the saying “You are what you eat” at some point in our lives, but to be honest, the phrase does have a point. While some foods are more water-rich than others, there are a variety of nutritious foods that play a role in healthy, glowing skin! 

  • Avocados: Eat your greens! Not only are avocados high in healthy fats, but they contain multiple necessary vitamins including Vitamin C and E which are essential in protecting your skin. 
  • Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes provide a source of Vitamin A, made to protect your skin cells from sun exposure.
  • Salmon: Salmon is made up of essential fatty acids that keep the skin firm. 

How To Keep Your Skin Happy and Hydrated 

  • Apply Moisturizer: Applying immediately after the shower helps to seal in moisture while your skin is still damp
  • Vitamins are key: There are endless reasons why consuming vitamins consistently have direct benefits on your health, and we offer a variety of vitamin and hydration protocols to help you look and feel your best:  
  • High Dose Vitamin C: ​​Beneficial for immune support and great for your skin. Large doses of Vitamin C have been proven to offer a variety of medical benefits. 
  • Glutathione High Dose: A powerful antioxidant beneficial for liver detoxification, glowing skin, hair, and nails. 
  • Apply SPF: You’ve heard it once and you’ll hear it again and again – Wearing sunscreen is one of the most effective ways to protect your skin’s appearance and prevent skin damage, discoloration, and signs of aging 

“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.” – Renee Rouleau

It’s never too late to add a little extra to your self-care! While your nightly regular skincare routine is important, ask yourself how you can say hello to maintaining a more constant hydration boost throughout your day, and goodbye to dehydrated skin. Just remember…if you love your skin, your skin will love you back.


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Hello Hydration

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