March 16, 2021

Healthy Habits

Hello Hydration

Well, I’ll start with the obvious… this year is already off to a brutal start. Between COVID and “SNOW-VID” it’s not been an easy year. This “ice-mageddon” storm has caused power loss, burst pipes and other devastating things all over Texas, and it has been hard to focus on staying healthy. I was proud of myself for repurposing unexpected activities into healthy habits, like when I shoveled the snow and ice from my driveway for about 45 minutes and found that my heart rate increased to the same level as if I had gone for a run on the Katy Trail—don’t start judging me now, I’m a Texas girl and not used to shoveling snow…I wasn’t happy to have to do it, but I did feel better after it was done.

I have been inspired over the past few weeks to see people come together all over the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and help each other out in a big way. Sometimes even the most confident and capable people can use a little help through this thing called life. Maybe once the chaos calms down, that help is in the form of a reminder to keep (or start) a few healthy habits.

It’s pretty standard for the New Year holiday to create some inspiration, to kickstart goal setting, and to make people have an overwhelming need to “make this year a better year”. Here we are, in the middle of March, and I bet a few of you might have faltered on some of those New Year’s Resolutions and since misery loves company, I’m sad to report that I’m right there with you. Well, that won’t stop me from trying! I can’t help but think of the song that goes I get by “with a little help from my friends” by Joe Cocker (1969). It’s a great tune, and it inspired me to reach out to you as a friend with some of my top picks for healthy habits. Stay tuned over the next few months for future blogs where we’ll do a deeper dive on each of these top 5 habits.

Cindy’s Picks for Top 5 Healthy Habits

  • Quality Sleep
  • Mindset Strengthening
  • Hydration and Healthy Eating Habits
  • Exercise, Movement and Balance
  • Endorphin Stimulation


Other habits that can lead to a healthy body & mind, and even a fresh spirit

  • Roll the windows down and scream the lyrics to your favorite song (even if—or especially if—you don’t know all the words, or if you sing out of key)!
  • Try something new every day, even if you feel dumb.
  • Do something nice (and unexpected) for someone else… random acts of kindness are kind of awesome.
  • Connect with friends or family. Make sure you tell people that you love them while you have the chance. If you love someone, make sure that they know. It’s good for you to express it, and it’s good for them to know it!
  • Spend a few minutes working on a hobby or passion point.
  • Forgive someone or let go of a grudge, it might not be easy, but it will feel good.
  • Stretch. No seriously, stretch. Your body will thank you as you get older.
  • Move around! I get it, sometimes you just need to become part of the couch, but don’t stay sedentary for long. It will undo all of the other things you do to stay healthy!
  • Deep breathe—especially when you’re stressed. It can help reduce your heartrate and calm you down (three slow deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth) try it, it’s surprisingly cleansing!
  • Go offline for a bit – take a break from social media and online games (it doesn’t have to be forever, but maybe for a set amount of time each week—like for an hour before you go to sleep… this will also improve sleep quality! You know, two birds, one stone, and all those things).
  • Keep your brain healthy and learn something new. Try a new food, learn something about a different culture, pick up a new hobby, or even start a word of the week challenge. Any of these can stimulate your brain and that’s always a good thing!
  • Check out Jim Valvano’s infamous speech to “laugh, think, cry”. Even if you’re not into sports or have no idea who Jim Valvano is, this 11 min speech is quite moving. If you’re short on time, the key parts I hope you’ll listen to in the speech are from 1:42 to 2:54 and 7:05 to 8:02. Then take his advice to laugh hard, think, and let your emotions move you to tears every day! I did all of those while watching this video clip…RIP Jim.


Join me and set a goal to change your mindset to make self-care a priority, not just something you squeeze in.

  • Here are the goals I’m starting with:
    I will incorporate healthy habits into my budget each month to make sure there is room for them in my life (like a gym membership that gets used regularly)
  • I will drink at least 40 oz of water each day and schedule a recurring appointment for my IV hydration, Glutathione, and Fast Vitamin IV, so it becomes a habit, not just something I do if I happen to remember.

What you do to the people you love matters… so let your habits show that you love yourself and do yourself some good! Remember, don’t make resolutions make healthy habits! 


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