December 9, 2020

How Do You Feel?

Hello Hydration

If you’re like me, then you just got the song “Sunday Best” by Surfaces stuck in your head, and realize, that “feeling good, like I should” does make “that sunshine on my Sunday best…” (2019) and who doesn’t want that feeling… especially during a pandemic?!

A recent tip from the Harvard Business Review (HBR) asked the question, “are you taking self-care seriously?” and as I read the article, it made me stop and think… am I?


I am part of a business whose entire premise is wellness, and as a nurse I know all the things I should be doing, but what more could I be doing? The article goes on to state that “you probably already know that sufficient sleep, proper nutrition, physical exercise, human connection, and time to relax are important – but do you actually carve out time for them?” (Davey, 2020). I have come to realize that everything involved in self-care ultimately leads to resiliency, and this year more than ever, we could use some resiliency. Think of the last time you had to make an important decision when you were overwhelmed, or sleep deprived, or hungry…how did that go? Could you have done something differently that might have made for a better outcome? There is a reason someone coined the term “hangry”, and if you ask my husband, the struggle is definitely real!


The reality is that decision-making can drastically suffer when you neglect to properly rest and refuel. Not just the big impactful decisions, but the small ones too, and when you add them all up, these small things can become not-so-great self-care habits. My next logical thought was, but I’m so busy! Who has time to sleep eight hours a night and exercise an hour a day, and meditate, and do yoga, and cook healthy meals, and all the other things my friends on Instagram and Facebook are posting about?! I have deadlines, and when I finally “shut off” from work, I just want to relax and become part of the couch. But then, I notice, that when I don’t do those things (like sleep well, hydrate properly, eat right, and exercise), I don’t feel as good. So, I am re-energized and set a goal for myself to do better this week and start implementing better self-care habits more consistently.

Some of the best advice I have ever received came from a cardiologist who was my former boss and medical director—from my days as a research nurse in an exercise lab. He basically said, you can’t think of exercise as something you squeeze in when you have the time. You have to make it a habit. Consider the task as equal to practicing hygiene. You wouldn’t go days without brushing your teeth or taking a shower, these things are done routinely, and almost without having to think about them. The same principles apply to any healthy habit for self-care.  Change your mindset about self-care so that it fits along these lines and make it part of your daily routine. Make it a priority!

Battery iv

Whether we realize it or not, self-care plays a big role in keeping our immunity functioning at its best. The same article I mentioned earlier from Harvard Business Review went on to discuss how people are viewed as the most important assets to an organization. They stated that “if you are an important asset, how could depriving, devaluing, and depreciating that asset by running it in harsh conditions, powering it with improper fuel, and neglecting routine maintenance possibly be good…?” (Davey, 2020). I realized they are making an excellent point about individuals who work in an organization, but why don’t we see ourselves that same way as human beings in general?! WE ARE ASSETS, and it is up to us to maintain our ASSets!

This year, more than ever, our immune systems can use all the support they can get. Hydration is also really important right now because people tend to drink less water during the cold weather months. Just consider how many times in the past month you have noticed your skin is dry or your lips feel chapped as one indication of this truth. If you answer yes to any of the next few questions, consider adding Hello Hydration to your self-care routine:

  1. Are you falling behind on your best possible hydration needs?
  2. Do you need an extra push for optimizing your workouts?
  3. Could you benefit from a boost of vitamins to increase energy and immunity?

Hello Hydrationis primed and ready for a fast and effective solution to these needs. We have a variety of products in our “arsenal” that can support immunity and help you revitalize and restore. Our hydration IV’s can replenish some of those fluids you might be missing. And if you’re looking to add a bit of extra protection to your immune system, then check out our “Defender Drip” for Immunity. I personally have been using the B12 shots, skinny shots, fast vitamins, glutathione, and IV fluids this year as part of my self-care routine, because as HBR mentioned, life is so crazy right now that I can’t afford not to take care of myself (2020). In fact, when I do them all together, I feel like my best self.

As Surfaces says “everyday can be a better day despite the challenge, all you gotta do is leave it better than you found it” (2019). Take care, be well, and let Hello Hydration help you get closer to “feeling good like [you] should” (Surfaces, 2019)!




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